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Dr. Gudrun G. Vogt LinkedIn Button Gudrun Vogt and Ahcène Baatiche LinkedIn Button Ahcene Baatiche
Founders & Managing Partners

We experienced at university how boring business and finance subjects can be. That's why we decided to turn dry business concepts into an energizing learning adventure. Till today, it is always a pleasure to see how participants gain the skills and the confidence to tackle business and finance related challenges through our simulation-based discovery learning. They leave our sessions well equipped with the know-how and the motivation to shine at the workplace.

Partner up with us and benefit from a solid Swiss family business with a global reach and long experience. Be it in solution design, training, or course set-up, we make our cooperation easy and comfortable for you, saving you time and costs.

Our multicultural team takes the best care of you. And we only promise you what we can keep. We aim for both enthousiastic participants and highly satisfied L&D people. No disappointment, no regrets. We want to make sure your company's L&D investment pays off.

Over 50 certified experts design and deliver our programs worldwide. They bring along all it needs to make your people succeed:

  • Profound business and financial acumen
  • Industry expertise, people skills, intercultural experience
  • A passion for people development.

Targetsim, with us you are in good hands.

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